Day 43 – Walking the Lake City

This morning our plans were very relaxed. Everyone slept in a bit, and had a nice breakfast at home (Becca could get used to an espresso machine that also makes cappuccino).

Eneida and Umberto live near lots of parks and small lakes/ponds, so we took a walk around Stricker Pond.

The parks connect to Middleton, a small town right next to Madison, so we went there to have a sushi lunch, and admire the park there too.

Next stop, the Epic Campus! For those not in the know, Epic is an electronic health record company, which Sam used during his residency. They are based in the Madison area, and the company is on an enormous campus that includes lots of gardens and even a farm!

Then another walk, this time on the shores of Lake Mendota, to Picnic Point. From here, we got the opposite view of the city. See the capital building in the distance behind us?

So many pretty flowers along the way!

When we got back, Sam and Umberto gave the car a bit of a wash down, since the front was still all covered in bugs (despite a run through the car wash at the Honda dealer the previous day). Nice and shiny again!

When you go to Wisconsin and you stay with Brazilian people, this is a very important part: cheese and caipirinhas.

Umberto teaches Sam how to make a caipirinha, with the special ingredient of Meyer lemons, an extra sweet and tasty lemon, in addition to the traditional lime.

Home cooked meal on the grill! There was salmon too. In the evening we tried to go look at the Perseids meteor shower, but it’s just a little too light near the city to get the best view. Becca and Umberto definitely saw one meteor, but it was hardly the 65-70 meteors per minute you can see at the height of the shower. If it’s dark near you, go out in the next day or two while there’s a new moon! You might still see them!

A lovely day with lots of great walks and conversation! We will be sure to get some of the photos Umberto took, since there’s at least one with all of us in it…


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