Day 44 – Mostly in Milwaukee

We began the day with an incredible breakfast – Eneida and Umberto sent us on our way with cheese omelets, tons of fruit, bread, and yogurt. They were so generous to share their home with us – everything from the conversation to the food was just so wonderful. Thank you!!

On their suggestion, we made a slight detour on our way to Chicago, and stopped for lunch in Milwaukee. First up: the Milwaukee Art Museum. One of the architects is Santiago Calatrava, the man behind the new World Trade Center Transportation Hub in NYC. He likes birds, as both buildings have “wings,” but in this case, they move! Every Sunday at noon, the wings flap (3.5 minutes to go down, 3.5 minutes to go up), as well as during high winds.

Chihuly in the lobby!

We decided to skip the museum and spend some time outside. The museum sits on the shore of Lake Michigan and we took a stroll.

We grabbed lunch at the Milwaukee Public Market, an indoor collection of various food vendors. You will not be surprised that we decided on seafood. Mussels for an appetizer and po’ boys for each of us (oyster for Sam and clam for Becca). Yum! We also grabbed some cheese and cheesy popcorn, as well as ice cream (we are in America’s dairy land, after all).

Our drive to Chicago after that was fine and our Airbnb seems to fit the bill. Our hosts even have a cute little dog! Since we had a late lunch and were a bit tired, we figured we would grab an early movie and then a quick bite to eat. We went to a local AMC to see Incredibles 2. (Seems like almost everyone except us has seen it! The theater was mostly empty). Most of the way through the movie, the fire alarm went off and everyone shuffled outside. Turns out, a power surge had tripped the alarm.

After a short wait, the manager stated that everyone could go back in and the movies would resume where they left off. Unfortunately, nothing went to plan. Although other movies (we heard) got their act together and finished the screenings, ours did not and instead restarted for the next screening. By this point it was pretty late and we didn’t feel like watching the first 3/4 of the movie again (boo, AMC!), so we left in search of a restaurant still serving food. Late night quesadillas it is! Oh well, grumble grumble, they were cheap at least. Tomorrow is another day, and we will try to do some exploring in Chicago!

Total states: 25

Total miles: 9,953

Total gallons of gas: 237

Total MPG: 42.0


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