Day 46 – Toto, We’ve a Feeling We’re Not in America Anymore

We began the day with a breakfast of Colorado peaches and Wisconsin cheese. This is the same brand of cheese chosen by Eneida and Umberto when we stayed with them in Madison, so we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed!

We did it! We passed the 10,000 mile mark while in NE Illinois. The trip meter only goes to 4 digits, so we had to prove we cycled it! Don’t worry, Sam took this picture while Becca was driving.

New state! We spent about 45 minutes in Indiana, notable for its many toll roads. Good news: our EZPass works here. Bad news: other drivers’ transponders (or the toll booth) did not seem to be working, as we got stuck at two different toll booths as drivers in front of us could not trigger the gate to rise and let them pass.

Another new state for both of us! And back in Eastern Daylight Time.

We stopped for lunch in Western Michigan at the Garden Griddle in the town of Paw Paw (yes, you read that right). A cauliflower burger for Becca, a vegetable omelet for Sam, and homemade mocha chocolate cake for Becca’s dessert (Sam had a cookies and cream ice cream sandwich). Super delicious!

We crossed into Canada! But not before the border patrol guard asked us three times whether we had a gun, and asked specifics on where we have been on our road trip. For fun, Sam listed all 27 states. Not joking. The guard’s request to Becca when comparing her to her passport photo: “Passenger, squish down, sunglasses off.” She dutifully complied.

Soon after we got into Canada, the smell of manure permeated the car. Though it didn’t really smell like manure, per se. Just poop. The portable-toilet-that-hasn’t-been emptied-all-summer smell. Thankfully, Becca had essential oils on hand for olfactory combat. No offense, Canada. We’re sure it was just all the farm country we’re driving through, eh.

At dinner time, we found a restaurant in the small town of Strathroy called Tia’s Place, serving up Portuguese food (being in Canada and us not using international data, we found it the old-fashioned way, by driving around off the highway). Sam tried to get liver but they were out, so he settled on ribs. Becca had fried mackerel. Both meals were delicious!

After a drive that seemingly took forever, we finally made it to our Airbnb, which is in a 30-story condo building in Toronto. We are on the 22nd floor, and this photo was taken from our bedroom. Our host is very nice, and we can’t wait to explore Toronto tomorrow!

Total countries: 3

Total states: 27

Total miles: 10,487

Total gallons of gas: 249

Total MPG: 42.1


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