Day 47 – Adventures in Canada

This morning we left our Toronto AirBnB and headed to St. Lawrence Market. Of course, this was after Becca got up extra early to make sure we paid for our street parking – according to the sign, pay parking started at 8am. But at 8am on the dot, behold: a City of Toronto parking ticket, already on the windshield. Oops. Luckily for us, it wasn’t expensive, and the exchange rate helps.

Inside the market are beautiful displays of cheeses, meats, fish, and produce. There are a few places that offer prepared foods too, and a couple of bakeries. On the weekends, the market has a local farmer’s market and a flea market!

We headed to the Harbour Square Park for a delicious picnic of goodies from the market – baguette, Ontario sour cherries, figs, and some carmelized onion cheddar cheese.

We walked along the boardwalk on the waterfront, and found some ice cream and smoothies at a place called Beavertails. A beaver tail appears to be a sort of fried bread with sweet spreads on it, but we will have to try that next time.

Toronto is lovely, and we enjoyed walking around here! It reminded us a lot of New York, actually.

But in New York we don’t know of any coffee/espresso bars that give you a free chocolate with your iced coffee.

Next stop, Niagara Falls! Well, actually, dinner first, then the Falls. We absolutely can not resist a sushi place right by our AirBnB.

And then Niagara Falls! It’s misty and busy and very nice to look at!

Horseshoe Falls is extremely impressive as always! We went to sit at the Patio Grille and have some drinks and look at the water for a while.

After the sun sets, the Falls are all lit up! Neither Sam nor Becca had seen this before and it was so pretty.

They change colors, too!

Red and white, but no maple leaf.

At 10pm in the summer there’s a fireworks show. It’s short, but totally worth waiting for!

Another great day on this trip. It’s hard to believe how close we are to the end. When we were planning it, and when we were preparing to leave, 49 days seemed like a lifetime. But each stop has felt like a new vacation, and created a desire to explore more in-depth. There’s so much out there!

Total kilometers: 17,006 (km is, after all, the local measure of distance)

Total liters of gas: 950


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