Day 48 – Wingin’ It

Breakfast today was bread we found in the Airbnb’s fridge (provided for guests), along with our leftover cheese and a “sour cherry compote” that Becca cooked up in the kitchen with our leftover cherries. Delicious!

Being at Niagara Falls, we had to take a boat ride! The blue ponchos are for the Maid of the Mist on the American side, but we did the Hornblower boat on the Canadian side, hence the red.

As it was already hot and humid at 10:30am, we very much enjoyed the wind and spray. When we were leaving, the line for the boat was about three times as long as when we arrived, so we were very glad to have gone when we did!

We crossed back into the U.S. and drove to Buffalo, NY. Naturally, we had to stop for Buffalo wings. Multiple places claim to have invented the Buffalo Wing, and we visited one of them – Anchor Bar. We had heard Duff’s is better, but Anchor Bar was closer to our route and had better options for Becca. The verdict: wings were crisp and had good flavor, but Sam wishes he had gotten them spicier for more intense flavor.

We ate dessert in the car – amazing chocolates from Madison, WI courtesy of Eneida and Umberto!! Flavors: smoked caramel, key lime, vanilla passion fruit, and honey lavender.

We set off for our destination: Mars, PA (near Pittsburgh), home of Sam’s very good friend (going back to at least early elementary school) Adam, his wife Melody, and their pair of cheeks named Silas. We had a delicious homemade meal, including the largest zucchini we have ever seen, hummus, pita, corn, and other veggies. We shared hiking stories (Adam and Melody have visited many of the parks we saw on this trip) and had yummy local pastries for dessert. It was so great to catch up!

Tomorrow, we will make a stop in Lancaster, PA to see a few more friends, but tomorrow’s post will be written in Chatham, NJ – we are going home!

Total states: 29

Total miles: 10,820

Total gallons of gas: 256

Total MPG: 42.3


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