Day 49 – Final Day!

This morning it was time to head out for our final day of the trip! We got to see Melody and Silas for breakfast, although Adam had to work (wait, will we have to work soon, too?).

Thanks again so much for having us to stay, it was so great to see you and have a lovely place to crash on the way home! On Melody’s recommendation, we stopped at a local market, Soergel’s Farm, where we stocked up on donut peaches and heirloom tomatoes.

As we made our way across Pennsylvania, we stopped for lunch in Somerset for some Mexican food. I guess we were feeling a bit nostalgic for the Southwest? Regardless, it was fast and tasty and they made a veggie burrito for Becca on request.

We arrived in Lancaster around 3:30, so we walked around downtown for a little bit and then headed to Sam’s friend (since middle school!) Jaime and her husband Corey’s house to visit. Please note two adorable faces peeking at us from the bay window. Eleanor and Henry were super excited, and it was so fun to meet them!

Jaime dropped the kiddos with a friend, and we had a delicious, grown-ups only dinner at Lancaster Brewing Company, where Sam got a burger and Becca got a crab cake sandwich. We had a great time catching up and chatting! It made the drive home much more enjoyable to have friends to stop and see! Jaime and Corey also sent us home with desserts that we will be digging into tomorrow.

That, friends and family, is the Welcome to New Jersey sign. Apologies for the blurriness, but we were welcomed back to our home state with mist, thunder, and lightning.

And just like that, we’re home! Blogging from the comfort of our own couch, piles of luggage on the floor of an apartment that doesn’t quite seem like it could be ours. It feels weird to be here, half brand-new and half never-left-at-all.

Truly the trip of a lifetime!

Thanks to Randi and Bill, and Leslie and Amanda for keeping our plants alive, and for restocking our fridge!

Tomorrow, one final wrap-up post!

Total miles: 11,232.5

Total gallons of gas used: 266

Total MPG: 42.2

Total states: 29

Total countries: 3

Total parks (national, state, monument, etc): 19


4 thoughts on “Day 49 – Final Day!

  1. Holy cow, what an amazing trip!
    I’m looking forward to seeing you guys and hearing some more stories!
    But now what will I read all summer? No more blog??


  2. I agree with Rachie! What will I read and look at fantastic pictures on if you arent blogging! It was a wonderful way to travel with you both! And, you are welcome for the goodies😍

    Liked by 1 person

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